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About Us

The company is now owned by Mr Terrence Tinsley, brother of one of the company founders.

In 1995, the founders of Miracle Leisure Products, Ken and Carol Bailey bought their first boat. One thing they soon discovered was that a fibre glass boat needs a decent polish to maintain its appearance. Furthermore all the polishes they tried where either too expensive or simply too hard to use. There was clearly a need for a product that was competitively priced and easy to use.

With this in mind Ken embarked on a programme of research and a quest for a polish that was easy to use, low chalk, deep shine, long lasting, and safe to use on glass fibre and painted steel. The stringent requirements for quality, laid down by Miracle Leisure, were finally met when they teamed up with a small specialist company in the Home Counties. After many trials and much testing, the highly popular Miracle Boat Wax was born.

Flushed with the success of Miracle Boat Wax, two new products were soon to follow. Again identifying the needs of the boater Miracle Leisure Products developed Canopy Klean and then Bilge and Hull Cleaner.

Customers were delighted with these newly found cleaning products and were not slow to point out that Miracle Leisure could help them with yet another perennial cleaning and polishing chore, that of brass cleaning.

After a further twelve months of research and development the back room boys came up with Brass-Mate metal polish which has proven to be the biggest seller yet. Hot on the heels of Brass-Mate came Weather-Mate Gel which stops polished brass from tarnishing too quickly.

Ken and Carol can be found at all the major boat shows with the full range of Miracle Leisure Products. At their now familiar stand you will see practical demonstrations of their polishes and cleaners. At the same time boater’s mucky mushrooms are given a clean and polish free of charge.

However Ken was not happy with the time it took to clean a really dirty brass mushroom vent so he went back to the "specialists" to develop a product that would cut through grime but would be safe on the boat paintwork. Miracle "brass-brite" was born to solve this problem and has now become the replacement for good old fashioned "Elbow grease".

Ken and Carol also introduced a wide range of Tiller pins to grace the tiller bar of customers Narrowboats. Then came the combination gangplank/Rescue ladder called the"Ladder-Mate" . This was followed by the inovative "Brolly-Mate" tiller bar attachment to protect the helmsman from Rain and Sun.

The latest product introduced is the "Prop-Mate" this inovative tool gives you  easy access to your propeller to clear away debris such as plastic bags fishing line and weed without getting your hands into the dirty canal water.



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